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Ernie *SOLD*

Ernie *SOLD*


Ernie has left his brother Eric in the country to hit the town in brocade and velvet in dashing shades of green and lilac. 


Height: 70cm

Width across antlers: 65cm

Length of antlers: 40cm

Wooden plaque HxW: 35cm x 23cm


'Adventures in Appliqué' upcycles vintage taxidermy into vibrant and contemporary pieces of artwork. Combining our sewing skills and upholstery knowledge, we have created a collection of quirky statement pieces.

Always in need of some TLC, each stag’s head is revitalised and given a new lease of life. With their antlers polished and faces deep cleaned they are wrapped in calico ready to be dressed in their chosen attire. This is hand stitched in place using needle-fold appliqué with careful consideration of colours and textures. Some are flamboyant, colourful and mis-matched, some revel in Liberty prints and velvet while others are a celebration of British Tweed. Every stag has its own history, back story and is completely unique; transformation complete.

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